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DOODLE (votings + planning of virtual meetings)
Ever hear of Doodle ? Its a great tool we can organize ourselves by simple polls ... its very fast, done with few clicks.
  • planning of meetings in the virtual studying room
  • quick votings for relevant decisions 
  • checking the Likes and Dislikes ratio of new ideas
    etc. etc. etc. ...

Official Domain is:
[Image: doodle-frontpage-EZSCommunity-2017-1.png]

So can look a simple Doodle (either as table or calendar format), e.g. for pre-planning of a meeting in the virtual studying room for exam preperations :
[Image: 1st-virtual-studies-METEO-doodle-112017-1.png]

For all who also like to organize a virtual meeting for studying group, some general infos how to plan meetings in the virtual studying room. Its just 4 simple steps:

  1. Invite others by time doing a post (pre-announcement) within the section KZV or GZV and email to all*.

  2. To organize easily the different meetings reserve a time slot in the EZS Community Calendar (there scroll down to the bottom and select "reservation Room 1..." calendar).

  3. If you are not clear about the date and daytime, use the EZS Doodle to ask the members when they are available. Here one example of as Doodle for the first fist virtual studies about METEO. (Rec.: Ask one of the moderators for the doodle account datas.)

  4. Having fixed the date, inform the members about the voting results, invite the members either via PM or email to all*  to participate in the meeting and/or proceed an ongoing discussion in the forum.

*) The Forum admin can also send an email to all to inform them. Send him a PM by time for a well organized pre-planning.

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