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Tips for Learning - Effectief leren (by Cosmo W.)
On first day (20th October 2017) the opener by Cosmo Wassenaar (school director of EZV) was a presentation for "effective learning".

Only granted for personal use. File distribution (also for non commercial purpose) is strictly forbidden.

Cosmo uses Prezi as software. The original file for those who use Prezi (as paid version) with Prezi Desktop is in EZV Community's media archive as zip file (size 40.02 MB, 15 pages) is here * .

[Image: cover-prezi-How-to-keep-stuff-in-your-he...2017-1.jpg]

For all students who can't or don't like to afford Prezi at standard prize of 7 Euros / month (Rec.: Student prize requires a contract by the academy/school with Prezi) or want use the Basic free version (which does not allow PDF export) the PDF version (size 6.31 MB, 15 pages) is available for download in the media archive here **. 

*For access to EZS Community's media archive on Google drive you need granted permission by registration on the forum as regular member and for your personal and valid email address .
**) PDF files can be opened via cost free Adobe Acrobat Reader. For Linux Users exist different alternatives.

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