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GZV results of re-exams (on 7th April 2018)
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... on 12th April it was officially published on the EZS website (for GZV Class)  as following together with the attached PDF file you can download:

RE- EXAM results March

please note: these are only the results from the RE-exams of 16/17 March

Succeeded: all subjects are 6 or more
Not succeeded: subjects with 6 or more remain valid for 5 years
Pending: Not participated in all subjects, subjects done are 6 or more.

[Image: congratulations-you-did-it-encouragement.jpg]

Attached Files
.pdf   EZS-Re-Examen-Results-GZV-07042018.pdf (Size: 91.33 KB / Downloads: 2)
- Reminder - 

Official ceremony: the diplomas will be handed out by the King's Commissioner on Friday 20th April at 11.00 am. The ceremony will take place in the Westerkerk (church), Westerstraat 138 in Enkhuizen.  At that same ceremony the EZS will hand out the yearly Medal of Honour for the  professional sailing industry. 

Your presence on this day would be appreciated starting at 10.30 am. All the GZV/KZV candidates who haven't succeeded all subjects yet are very welcome to join this beautiful day as well.  
The GZV class will also give a "demonstration sail" with Kaatje in front of the ESZ school building: Kuipersdijk 15, a short distance of 550-600 metres from the church (= 7 minutes walk via Klopperstraat and Westerstraat).

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