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Examn results (2nd half of school year 2017-2018)

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Examn results (2nd half of school year 2017-2018)
official news of 29th March on EZS website 

Examn results of the 2nd half of this school year will be published on the login Pages KZV and GZV on Friday 30 March at 10:00 am.

The administration of the EZS does not supply the grades, those will be issued on graduation day 20 April.

The schedule for re-Exams will be published as soon as possible on this site.

The diplomas will be handed out by the King's Commissioner on Friday 20 april at 11.00 hours 
The Ceremony will take place in the Westerkerk, Westerstraat 138 In Enkhuizen.
At that same ceremony we will hand out the yearly Medal of honour for the  professional sailing industry.  

Your presence on this day would be appreciated starting at 10.30 hours. 
Afterwards the GZV will give a demonstration sail with Kaatje in front of the school building;  Kuipersdijk 15, a distance of  200 metre  from the church.

Ook Candidates who haven't succeeded all subjects yet are very welcome to join this beautiful day as well!
... published on 30th March 2017 - 10:00 am CET on the official EZS website :  GZV + Sail Endorsment.

As not all EZS students have a scribd account to get the list, you can download the PDF file here, see attachments

Please note: these are only the results from the exams of 16/17 March

  • Succeeded: all subjects are 6 or more
  • not succeeded: subjects with 6 or more remain valid for 5 years
  • Re-exam: a re-exam will be taken on 7 April, schedule will be published later
  • Pending: Not participated in all subjects, subjects done are 6 or more.
Let op: dit zijn alleen de resultaten van de examens van Maart 2018

  • geslaagd: alle vakken van 16 en 17 maart voldoende
  • niet geslaagd: alle vakken afgesloten  met 6 of hoger blijven 6 jaar geldig. 
  • her: een herexamen op 7 april voor de aangegeven vak(ken)
  • aangehouden: niet alle examens deelgenomen, gemaakte vakken voldoende


[Image: naq050.jpg?bw=500&bh=500]

... and good luck for all who will do the re-examen on 7th April 2018 or in coming winter 2018-2019.

Happy Easter !
[Image: 17897463-illustration-of-a-happy-easter-...ground.jpg]

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... as we did in January, same procedure: Little bit statistics. Good to see a positive trend for GZV and KZV compared with the December examens (without the Sail Endorsment class which pimped little bit the totals).  [Image: biggrin.png] 
[Image: EZS-Examen-Results-Statistics-Dec-2017-M...lasses.jpg]

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