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Ticket sales party started!
Hi all! 

Today ticket sales for the EZS End of Year Party started! Don't miss out on the live band Virtuoze Matrozen, the burgermenu (also vegetarian) and partying with teachers and fellow students. Make sure you get your ticket!

Here's how:

  1. buy them during the break from 13.00 - 14.00 in the  cafeteria.

  2. wire E20 to NL59 BUNQ 2205 880853 in the name of Eindfeest EZS. Please mention your name & vegetarian yes/no.

The party starts right after the exam on March 17 and goes on until 1.00. Make sure you organize sleeping arrangements in time ?

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
... 1st announcement by Roosmarijn (member of party orga team) of GZV class.
[Image: announcment-EZS-Farewell-party-02032018-1.png]

Only granted for personal use. File distribution (also for non commercial purpose) is strictly forbidden.

audio recording in KZV ENG class on 2nd March 2018:

- length: 1:58 min
- file format: ogg *
- file name: OrgaTeam-Announcement-on-2nd-March-2018-for-EZS-Party-17032018-1

Available and soley for the registered EZS Community members as download here **

*) OGG files have up to 40-60% lower data volume = quicker download, less storage space at same quality of mp3 files. OGG files can be listened by different media players, e.g. VLC (opensource/freeware), JetAudio Basic (Free)
**for access to EZS Community's media archive on Google drive you need granted permission by registration on the forum as regular member and for your personal and valid email address .

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