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Physical Examination / PRACTICUM LICHAMELIJK ONDERZOEK (official studying material)
Study Material (EZS) 
... official studying material delivered by EZS on 21st Febr 2018 for EHBO (Eerste Hulp Bij Ongelukken)  / FIRSTA (First Aid - Medical Care) with teacher Judith Hartzuijker.

[Image: EZS-Official-Study-Material-KZV-2017-2018600-350.gif]  :D
Only granted for personal use. File distribution (also for non commercial purpose) is strictly forbidden.

Available and soley for the registered EZS Community members.


3 x PDFs (ENG/Dutch) in one ZIP file (2.5 MB): 
  • Voorbereiding4 pages (size: 1.4 MB / File name: voorbereiding_KZV-ENG-2018_practicum_lich_onderzoek.pdf)
  • Preparation, 4 pages (size: 1.0 MB / File name: preparation_KZV-ENG_2018_Medical-1st-Aid-Physical_Examination.pdf)
  • 8 Video Links (file size: 0.124 MB / File name: Links-Physical-Examination-KZV-2018.pdf)

Attached Files
.zip   PRACTICUM LICHAMELIJK ONDERZOEK - Physical Examination Medical 1st Aid - KZV (Size: 2.36 MB / Downloads: 10)
you can watch all 8 videos (youtube links) here:

1.) Hechten/Suturing

2.) Vullen infuussysteem/Prepare an infusionsystem

3.) Inbrengen infuus/insert infusion

4.) IM injecteren/Injection

Watch links no. 5-8 in following post.
Video Links no. 5-8 ...
5.) Logrol 4 p

6.) Logroll

7.) Logroll 2p

8.) Buik naar rug/Belly-back, stabiele zijligging/recovery position

Study Material (EZS) 
Our Forum members (52% of all EZS students) got the relevant infos with upper post already on last Wednesday (21st Febr), as informed today on late Saturday evening.    Shy

-------- email Message --------

Subject: practical lessons Medical first aid and care
Date: Sat, 24 Feb 2018 21:11:47 +0000
From: B.R. Folmer EZS <>
To: ...@...

Dear students,

On the login part of our website we have added a pdf version of the practical guide to the lessons you will have on Monday and Tuesday.

Judith kindly request you all to have a look at it before starting on Monday.

There is no need for printing them since they will be handed out in color on Monday morning.

Thank you have a good weekend

Bernt B.R. Folmer
directie Enkhuizer Zeevaartschool
dinsdag t/m donderdag
9-17 uur 0228-316364

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