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re-examens (02/2018) - GZV results
... as not all EZS students have an Scribd account to download the pdf file from the official EZS website you can download here the original pdf, see attachment. 

published on the official EZS website on Sat, 10th February 2018

These are the results from the December re- exams only

Pending: not all exams taken, those that were are 6 or more
not succeeded: all marks with 6 or more remain valid for 5 years
succeeded: all exams passed with 6 or higher
Re ....: a re exam for max 3 subjects on February 1st (starting at 09:00, schedule will follow)

Congrats to all five GZV students who made it successfully !  Cool
[Image: HNS137.jpg]

Attached Files
.pdf   371225946-uitslag-gzv-re-exams.pdf (Size: 7.84 KB / Downloads: 0)
The name list of the re-examen results (02/2018) in KZV classes (ENG + Dutch) you get here

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