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performance (page speed) of EZS Community Forum

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performance (page speed) of EZS Community Forum

The new 20 GBM sized web server for the EZS Community Forum (study board) is up now for one week since 22nd October 2017. 

All relevant installations, plugins are done. Its time to do a first speed test and proof it's performance (usability), as desktop version and for mobile use, both:

Test 1.1 and 1.2: Desktop + mobile version ... of

[Image: test5.jpg][Image: test6.jpg]

In comparison ...

Test 2.1 and 2.2:  Desktop + mobile version ... of (English Version of EZS page)
[Image: test01.jpg][Image: test2.jpg]

Test 3.1 and 3.2:  Desktop + mobile version ... of (central EZS page)

[Image: test03.jpg] [Image: test4.jpg]

The results of max. 100 % performance are, as documented (see attachments): 
  • EZS Community       - Test 1.1 + 1.2:  70% for mobile = needs work / 89% for desktop good 
  • EZS English website - Test 2.1 + 2.2:  63% for mobile = poor / 81% for desktop needs work 
  • EZS central website  - Test 3.1 + 3.2:  63% for mobile = poor / 81% for desktop needs work 

The EZS students, who have registered to use the "My EZS Community Study Board" and who study on desktop computers and laptops should be quiet happy to experience an 89% performance rating. 

Still some work should be done to pimp the design for the mobile version.

The EZS Community server has a 11.11% higher performance on mobile and 9.88% higher performance as desktop version compared with the official EZS websites (Dutch + English versions).

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
Tiny progress with new server upgrade to mybb 1.8.14 last night :-) at least it had no negative effect onto the performance. Smile
  • test result 29th October: 70% for mobile = needs work 89% for desktop good
  • test result 6th December: 71% for mobile = needs work = plus of 1.43% / 91% for desktop good = plus of 2.25%

[Image: Screenshot-from-2017-12-06-14-36-29.png]

[Image: Screenshot-from-2017-12-06-14-36-46.png]

Onto the performance of the "mobile version" actually we have no direct influence, as it is a plugin for mybb being programmed by external coders.)

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