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results (GZV / KZV ) from exams (December 2017)
... as not all have a Scribd account from where they can download the official list as PDF file, here the Examen results (see pdf attachments).
[Image: 9888Students-exam-results-008.jpg]

Official news (18th Jan 2018) by EZS as found on EZS website for GZV, KZV ENG and KZV Dutch:
Quote:These are the results from the December exams only

Pending: not all exams taken, those that were are 6 or more
not succeeded: all marks with 6 or more remain valid for 5 years
succeeded: all exams passed with 6 or higher
Re ....: a re exam for max 3 subjects on February 1st (starting at 09:00, schedule will follow)

Dit zijn uitsluitend de resultaten van de examens afgelopen December

Aangehouden: niet alle examens deelgenomen, gemaakte examens voldoende
Niet geslaagd: voldoende gemaakte examens blijven 5 jaar geldig
Geslaagd: Alle examens een 6 of hoger
her ....: een herexamen voor max 3 vakken (op 1 februari vanaf 09:00, rooster volgt)

Congrats to all class mates who made it ! - And good luck for all students to take a 2nd chance in re-examens on Thursday, 1st February 2018 (or maybe in December 2018).

Attached Files
.pdf   369437164-uitslag-gzv-december.pdf (Size: 125.25 KB / Downloads: 11)
.pdf   369439757-uitslag-kzv-nl-2018.pdf (Size: 160.35 KB / Downloads: 4)
.pdf   369439849-uitslag-kzv-engl-december.pdf (Size: 131.81 KB / Downloads: 3)
some 1st statistics of all classes (GZV, KZV ENG, KZV Dutch) ...

[Image: statistics-EZS-examens-December-2017-GZV-KZV-1.png]

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