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Calculator for STAB Examens
Hi, folks !

... whats the best calculator for Stability examens ? I still need to buy one. The home works (exercises of lessons 1-6) I did with my smartphone and desktop calculator.

As we are not allowed to use smartphones in the examens, I still need to buy one. Which model is a good one ? - I'd prefer a "solar driven" calculator to avoid battery problems. Is that a good idea ?

I think to remember school (more than 3 decades ago) we had used kind of "Engineering/Scientific Calculator" for math examens, I found some models :  
Inclusive a "protection bag" (around 7-8 Euros) it might be a total investment for STAB at ~30 Euros ...

[Image: 71dyOUcg8pL._SY492_.jpg]
For examens best would be a bigger mashine, to avoid mis-typings. I have no tiny fingers  Rolleyes
[Image: 91xU2l3xUWL._SY355_.jpg]
And the display is big enough other class mates can see it from farer distance in the examens room Big Grin

What type of calculator you use ? Tks for quick tips in advance... must order next days via Amazon. :-)
Sharp also has training tools for desktop use

and many videos :

E.g. how to use the EL-W531 for calculating Degree minutes and seconds (might be useful for NAV)


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