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Chat & PM (Private Message) Policy
Chat rules

Note that the non-chat-related policies (e.g. privacy policy, disclaimer), as well as EZS Community's Terms of Use, are still applied on chat and forums, and violating them may result in certain restrictions (e.g. bans or even blocks). In addition, the chat room has some additional rules. 

This section lists these rules and clarifies other rules.

  1. No collecting and/or distributing/revealing personal information about users, such as address, family information, etc.
  2. No swearing, using inappropriate language, or mentioning/referring to/adding alcohol, drugs or sexual text to the chat and/or forum post.
  3. No spamming… typing long and meaningless words, spamming with emotes, as well as flooding are not permitted. Excessive usage of uppercase words (caps) is considered spam as well.
  4. Extended or long roleplaying discussions may be considered spamming. If you’d like to hold a big roleplay talk, please consider starting or moving it to a private message or to a multi-PM.
  5. Singing (that is, posting partially or entirely the lyrics of a song, either in a single message or spread across several messages) is also considered spamming.
  6. No being mean (bullying)… do not tease other users, make fun of them, or speak of them in a way that would be offensive.
  7. No posting or directing to (e.g. linking) inappropriate content.
  8. No fights… any kind of fight is strictly not allowed in chat. If you see a fight in chat, you can try and calm the users that take part in it, and contact a mod if it continues.
  9. No raiding… large groups of users from other “rooms” that all join chat at once may be kicked or banned if a mod has a clear indication that they are going to break the EZS Community Chat rules.
  10. No foreign languages… to prevent confusion and swearing in other languages, you may only speak English in the chat.
  11. No abusing powers… the chat mod right should be taken seriously, which means chat mods are strictly not allowed to play with their powers.
Moderator status

Members (users) of the EZS Community who are (chat) moderators (anyone who has access to the kick/ban features) are listed on the Team page. They are responsible for enforcing the rules. While being on the forum and/or in the chat room, you are asked to pay attention to their notes or warnings. Super moderators or admins in the forum and chat room you can find on the Team page, too.

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