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Flashcard update for Maritime Law (30-11-2017)
my Anki Deck for "Maritime Law" till Chapter 7 is updated ... its now more than 200 flash cards.
[Image: Screenshot-flashcards-Maritime-Law-2017-...-58-05.png]

Feel free to download the set from here
The final and fully version of my Flash Card set for Maritime Law (chapter 1-10) is available here.

You can study the fully chapters completly with the flash cards. Soley form sheets, pictures you should take from the book.
Time is tight till examens on 29th/30th. As the Anki app uses an own timer, which makes it tricky to go through all cards in 2 days I have installed a PDF generator plugin and reformatted the cards as PDF files, see attachment.

I didnt count, I suppose its round about 400 questions possible. You can go through now quickly without using the Anki app (and without using the book). Don't mind pls that file 2, 3 and 4 have the cards double with an "to edit" version". I didn't have the time to fiddle around how to reconfigure the card format.

All the best for the LAW examen on Saturday ! :-)

[Image: zintenz-magnet-yes-you-can.jpg]

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.zip   Maritim Law - Flashcard set - JayR - KZV 2017 (pdf format).zip (Size: 398.26 KB / Downloads: 2)

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