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EZS Community goes Mobile
Since today, 25th October, the EZS Community Forum also has a "mobile version" as a new plugin is installed.

The plugin shall recognize by itself if you visit the forum website via mobile device (e.g. smartphone, tablet) and it switches automatically to the mobile design version. 

You also can use the manual switch scrolling down to bottom and click there "Mobile Version"
[Image: screenshot-scroll-down-to-Mobile-version-102017-1.png]
In following some screenshots by using Android ona a Samsung smartphone... dont wonder about the colour. Its the Easy Screenshot. Regularly its a beautiful deisgn in "marine dark blue" :-) 

(1) Menu (2) UCP - User Control Panel (3) Edit own profile ...
[Image: menu.png] [Image: show-menu.png] [Image: edit-profile-2.png]

(4) Categories (5) Forums in Category (6) Post in Forums 
[Image: category.png] [Image: switch-to-full-version.png] [Image: post.png]

(7) Membership list / (8) Private messages ... Inbox 
[Image: memberlist.png] [Image: private-messages-inbox.png]
You also find an overlay button (white window in grey circle) front the page while scrolling you can get access with to the chat room easily (for now pls login as guest, as the programmings still must be done you can get access with your user name automatically after you logged in on the regular EZS Community forum).

[Image: chat.png]
The plugin is not yet fully tested, internally by using Apple devices (iOS). Pls report if you find any bugs here:

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