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The Founder: Henk Wever (1949 - 2013)

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The Founder: Henk Wever (1949 - 2013)
I didn't dive deeply into EZS's  history, yet. The name Henk Wever came across to me first in EZV's book "Art of Navigation", 26th release 2017, written by Henk Wever and co-author Eef Williams. Eef actually is our teacher for Navigation (KZV) who mentioned Henk as the founder of EZS.
[Image: Henk-Wever.png]

On the website of 3 mast Sailing Schooner Oosterschelde I found this:

Commemorating Henk Wever

Quote:3 June 2013

Today at 5am we commemorated Henk Wever. Together with the other Dutch Tall Ships we took the time to say goodbye. Henk was the founder of the ‘Enkhuizer Zeevaartschool’ in 1978. Since then he prepared a few thousand sailors for a life on board a Tall Ship. Henk was also responsible for setting up a class bureau for sailing ships: Register Holland, and he was involved in establishing a union for commercial sailing vessels *.

Last Friday when we were in Durban, we received the sad news that he had passed away, far to soon, at the age of 64. Today in Enkhuizen it was time for the last goodbye and at the same time ‘Oosterschelde’, ‘Tecla’ and ‘Europa’ took two minutes of silence with their flags half-mast. After the two minutes our captain threw a message-in-a-bottle in the water and the ‘Europa’ gave 3 blasts on her famous ships’ horn.

It seems to be obvious that Henk was of outstanding personality. The world mostly is being changed (into positive or negative) by personalities of unique character, by individuals with huge energy to live for their dreams, following a mission. Without Henk, we - the KZV/GZV classes 2017-2018, as many before, probably wouldn't exist.

Without people like Henk I could not experience - since few weeks - the chance to meet all the fellows who love to go to sea and study hard in winter times for the examens, some with huge efforts to make it possible. I would not have the opportunity to learn from great teachers under the guidance of Bernt and Cosmo as the EZS director board.

Henk obviously was not one sided oriented to life. He also fighted for an electro smog free society, as the "In memoriam" post on the website "Stop UMTS" shows. A video with Henk Wever about this thematic here:

More ...
*) If anybody is reading this ? - Is it meant "Nederlandse Vereniging Van Kapiteins Op de Grote Zeilvaart"

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