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(non public) Chat channel
Regsitered members of the EZS get access to chat room after regular login on the EZS Community website. No extra login required. The direct link:

Screenshot see attachment.

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The upper screenshot of the chat plugin has been tested last 24 hours... and the server protocols show that it eats away huge resources, which would drive the provider costs heavily. 

Under same link is installed now an alternative chat system, which is hosted externally. No heavily stress onto the EZS Community server ...

For now pls login as guest (take same username as registered with)... as the auto-login with same user account of the forum must still be programmed/implemented. 
[Image: Chat-EZS-Community-Forum-25102017-1.jpg]

This alternative also would give us the chance to use a mobile chat app ... here some screenshots how it can look:
[Image: screenshots-mobile-app-Chat-25102017-1.png]

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