Thread Subscriptions
There are two types of subscriptions: Forum Subscriptions and Thread Subscriptions. When you subscribe to a thread, you will be notified via email when a new reply has been posted in the thread. There will only be one notification per thread even though there may have been more than one reply after you "left" the forum. Once you visit the forum again, you will be able to receive notifications for that thread again. This "one-notification-per-thread-until-next-visit" concept is to prevent excessive spam, and conserve server resources. At the bottom of any thread, you will find the link "Subscribe to this Thread," which you can use to subscribe to the thread. You can also subscribe to threads when you make a reply. Select the "Email Notification" checkbox in the options when making your reply. PostOptions.jpg Thread subscriptions can be managed in the User CP (Control panel) as well same as the Forum subscriptions.